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IKC Junior's Club

Our juniors are the future of the IKC. We encourage them to take an active role in all of our club activities. We also have special programmes geared toward the holistic development of our juniors.

  • Junior’s Educational Programme-This is a continuous programme that seeks to educate the juniors about responsible dog ownership and showmanship. The juniors are required to attend various seminars as well as be active members of our Junior’s Book Club whereby we provide books for them to read and they submit reports and we have discussions on what was read. Each junior who owns a specific breed has to do a comprehensive project on the breed that he or she owns or would like to acquire –the history, uses etc. and would be assigned a mentor to assist them.
  • Junior Handling Classes-This of course starts with basic obedience classes for our juniors and their pets. Each junior member must be able to have control of their dog before they can enter events.Discipline is a MUST for both Junior Handler and dog.
  • Juniors Fun events-these are fun events that are planned and carried out mainly by our IKC Juniors. This is so that they would develop their leadership skills.
  • Juniors are included in competitive events:
  • Junior Showmanship at All Breed Conformation Shows
  • Junior Obedience
  • Junior Agility Course Runs

To become a member of our Junior Club you must be between 5 and 19 years old. You must submit the relevant forms to our secretary. For show purposes handling ages are from 6-17 Years.


  • Free admission at IKC All Breed Conformation Shows and all other sporting meets
  • Free admission to all Junior Seminars
  • Free admission to our junior training classes

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