The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago


Conformation shows are competitive shows for purebred dogs whereby a judge evaluates the dog to see how well the dog conforms to its breed's standards. The dogs are not judges against each other but the judge's mental picture of the ideal for the breed. 

There are all breed conformation shows, specialty shows for one breed or several breeds. 


This sport requires a dog with the appropriate training to negotiate an obstacle course while off leash under the direction of a handler. Obstacles that you may usually see on most agility courses include the rigid and collapsible tunnels, seesaw, A-frame, hurdle and weave poles. Handlers are not allowed to touch the dog or obstacles. The dog with the fastest time and lowest amount of faults wins!


At these events the training of the dog is tested while they complete a set of exercises at the command of their handler. 

Their are different levels of obedience tests from basic to advanced. 

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